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Gear reducers – Gearbox

We design and manufacture mechanical, tandem and worm type gear reducers - gearboxes, and we repair both our own and other brands' equipment.

Tandem type

Single, two, three or four-stage parallel shaft gears Parallel and perpendicular shafts with two, three and four stages.

Worm type

Single or double reduction, with motors, agitator type gear reducers, hollow shafts, etc We are specialised in the steel industry, but our gear reducers – gearboxes have many areas of use and are installed in industries as diverse as metalworking, energy, cement, paper, chemicals, shipbuilding, mining, waste, etc.

Screw jacks

Vertical and inverted types and bevel gearboxes.
Gear reducers – Geraboxex tandem type Coal storage
18 Gear reducers – gearboxes. Heavy plate rolling mill
Spindle for roil tandem type
Gear reducers – gearboxes three stages

Capital goods

Hydraulic tongs; automatic or motorized, for multiple applications: lamination rollers, aluminium sheets, plates, ingots, steel coils, cylinders, rings, tubes, bars, slabs, convectors and bell furnace covers, etc. From 10 to 100 tons. of elevating capacity. Bogie frames, cracking mill, slitting line, pressure tanks, silos, etc.
Tong for handling lamination rollers
Bogie frame 30 t
Bogie frame