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Design and planning

Design. Own preparation of drawings for new equipment.
Planning. Study and technical advice prior to manufacturing of parts/equipment with customer drawings.


Machining, assembly, adjustment, calibration and finishing.

Reverse engineering and Reengineering

Reverse engineering. Using the customer’s equipment or parts, we are able to manufacture identical items and use a re-engineering process.
Re-engineering. We propose solutions, based on our know-how, in order to optimise the design of the customer’s current gear reducers, which allows them at the same time:
  • To be more efficient: the same time: To be more efficient: increasing their performance and minimising their energy consumption.
  • To be more durable: reinforcing critical points to avoid premature wear and/or breakage.


  • Recommendation of best practices to customers.
  • Applying our knowledge to improve existing equipment.


  • Scheduled inspections and (urgent virtual or physical) assistance.
  • Analysis of critical points, vibrations, lubrication….


  • Examination of gears and their casings.
  • Detection of cracks and leaks.
  • Detection of cracks and leaks Manufacturing and replacement of damaged components.
  • Assembly, adjustments and functional testing.

Within our areas of specialisation, we repair both our own equipment and other brands.

Technical service

For gear reducers, grippers and lifting equipment, boilers and equipment.

Our value proposition:

  • We are able to give a full response, having a comprehensive capacity and bringing together all phases of engineering, boilermaking, welding, machining, assembly, adjustment, calibration and finishing.
  • The know-how acquired over many years in very complex industries for equipment, like the steel industry.